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PANTS SUITE ( complete set of 6 )

PANTS SUITE ( complete set of 6 )


DId you miss the Release Party for PANTSDESTOYER?  oops.

 Get a deal when you collect the entire suite of PANTSDESTROYER session 1 at once.  

PANTSDESTROYER is an international exquisite corpse based out of New Haven CT and MIAMI FL. Participating contributors intuitively respond to the open-endedness of a combined word, PANTSDESTROYER's themes explore:non-conformity, gender, stream of consciousness, outer space, inner space, humor, and the whimsical.  

Fully black and white. Printed on Xerox copiers. Limited to 100 printings. Numbered. embossed authentication on cover page. staple bound. approx. 60 pages each.  Measures 8.5 X 11.  

comes with suprise free stuff.

 $48 value   


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