No Pop 130 Park St. New Haven, Connecticut. 

No Pop 130 Park St. New Haven, Connecticut. 

No Pop began organizing events in the winter of 2015.  This is who we were and what we did in the city of New Haven.   

No Pop is an art studio concentrating on the value of daily practice. As artists, Laura Marsh and Phil Lique, inform the community about creative needs by integrating the boundaries between exhibiting, living, producing, and teaching. Our philosophy embraces interdisciplinary artists who reference popular culture and provide social commentary. Much like our Pop ancestors, the studio provides the climate for production and collaboration. Also influenced by the Fluxus, we believe in the daily performance of making and experimenting.

Our goal is to provide opportunities to fellow artists while simultaneously integrating our own visual and curatorial practices. We plan exhibitions, installation, workshops, and experiential events. No Pop is “pro artist” and in favor of contemporary dialogues.

No Pop is:

The Studio of Phil Lique and Laura Marsh. The space is utilized on a daily basis by the artists, who offer rotating workshops and classes and promote the production and sale of artist editions.

The Egg: A rotating incubator space and low residency that supports the production of new exhibitions and installations.

The Hall: A narrow exhibition space that surrounds the studio and supports the installation of artworks that pertain to the Egg and Studios.

[LIGHTBOX}: A backlit street level sign in a high visibility area of downtown New Haven. 

The Kitchen: A functional space utilized everyday. Proposals may be tailored to suit this space when appropriate.

The Restroom:  ...may also be tailored to suit an artist concept when appropriate : )

Past opportunities we offered:


Guidelines:  Submit a 250-500 word artist statement, 100 word bio, one-page CV, and up to 5 images of current work. 

[LIGHTBOX] is a back-lit, 48 in x 48 in, curated public art opportunity. This rotating solo moment encapsulates our mission of transforming the ordinary and mundane into the illuminated and unexpected. It’s location is at street level. We’re in a high foot traffic area near the Yale Art Gallery, Yale School of Art; coffee shops, retail spaces, and restaurants. Artwork rotates on a 5-week schedule and is publicized through various social media and publications.

We welcome artists who consider light sources, community engagement, and neighborhood spaces part of their process.  

This opportunity was made possible with support from Artspace.

(the Egg)

(the Egg) is an experiential incubator space at No Pop dedicated to proposal-based submissions on a quarterly schedule. Artists and curators are encouraged to pursue new concepts and exhibitions that can be realized in an intimate 64 square foot space. Emphasis will be placed on projects that embrace experimentation, process, and new materials. No Pop believes in creating self-sustaining pop up opportunities that are accessible and feasible. The project will be open to the public on the evening of the opening and upon request afterward.

Past exhibitions and events:

[Lightbox]  Laura Marsh

Conversation I : Micheal Queenland, Laura Marsh, Aude Jomini, Phil Lique. October,16,2016.

Curator Tour with Olu Oguibe October 17th, 2016.

[Lightbox]  Aaron Mcelroy

Conversation II : Emerging artists connect with emerging collectors. Dec 12/13, 2015.

Fluxist Laundry Day : December 18th 2015.

Lady Cave-In : January 2 2016.

[Lightbox]  Linda Lindroth

Conversation III ; BODY DOUBLES. Curated by Selby Nimrod + Sarah Lasley featuring: Lex Brown  Doreen Garner  Faith Holland Sarah Lasley  Patrick McElnea Clifford Owens Alex Stevens  Ka-Man Tse Andrew Wagner      May 7, 2016

Body Duel (dueling flags) : Aude Jomini Laura Marsh   May 7, 2016

[Lightbox]  Miao Zhao

Conversation IV  : Eben Kling, Samantha Robinson, Gordon Romstar  June 24, 2016

The Black and White Mass. ( PANTSDESTROYER release party)   June 24, 2016

[Lightbox]  Man Tin

Machine Listener and Mather Ryals ( noise music performance) July 20, 2016

Site on Location+  Occult News Stand :  off site project with Junzi's night lunch market July 30,2016

Site on Location+  Borrowed Time :  off site project with the John Slade Eli House August 26, 2016

Conversation V :Tag Sale  September 18, 2016