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New [Lightbox] : Man Tin

check out Man Tin on our [Lightbox] starting next week.

Artist statement:

Inspired by Jean Baudrillard’s idea (27 July 1929 – 6 March 2007), French sociologist and philosopher, that we are living in a world of simulacra and simulation. The hyper- and virtual reality will be integrated into daily life and activity, and influence human behavior, social structure, economy, culture, cognitive of reality and ultimately our evolution. 

I have been trying to digitalize the subject that I know the best – myself and the things surround us, to explore the possibility of knowing and understanding the concept, nature, physical and metaphysical reality of our world through the fragmentized and destructed characteristics, gestures, lights, shapes and forms of the simulated objects; and try to shade some light on the possible evolution of human through simulation.

phil lique