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Body Doubles : a video screening. May 7th

Lex Brown | Doreen Garner | Faith Holland | Sarah Lasley | Patrick McElnea | Clifford Owens | Tschabalala Self | Alex Stevens | Ka-Man Tse | Andrew Wagner |

Curated by Selby Nimrod + Sarah Lasley 


With evolving multimedia installations by artists, Laura Marsh and Phil Lique, No Pop Directors, and a site-specific Body Duel installation by Aude Jomini and Laura Marsh. 


The body is fluid and tissue. The body is a vessel for consciousness. The body is a fetish object. The body is subject to and the object of gaze. The body is political. The body is a site for medical research and for ritual. The body is a host for parasites. The body is always present, but not always attended to. It must be fed to be sustained. The body is a subjective experience. The body is alienation. The body is a status symbol. In the technofuture, the body may face planned obsolescence. 

A one-night screening, BODY DOUBLES includes video work from ten artists whose methods of production are as heterogeneous as their bodily experience. Ranging from performance documentation to cinematic vignettes, the assembled videos will be screened in pairs that are in conversation, or counterpoint.

No Pop is the studios of Marsh and Lique, who invite artists and curators to produce exhibitions and site-specific installations. As two artists committed to discussing daily practice, No Pop becomes a platform to build new audiences and explore the experiential. 

Lady Cave, by Laura Marsh, is an ongoing installation that features a short film exploring an additive material narrative and a photo booth. The cave’s exterior fabric includes grammatically incorrect English, French, and Italian that are the subject of cultural displacement. The interior appeals to our kitsch sensibilities, engaging tactile pleasures and revealing moments of humor. 

Phil Lique's studio is in a regular state of activity. His work explores: ambition, anger, doubt, fear, love, pride, sexuality, worship, guilt, and blame in conversation with popularized attitudes held by the art world and higher education. 

Body Duel is a collaborative series by Aude Jomini and Laura Marsh that explores the female body as a site for dueling, role playing, and fragmentation. The artists abstract their own bodies, forming gestures, and combine digital manipulations with sewn elements. The flags oppose each other in the stairwell in a staggered face-off.

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