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Laura Marshes shares with you.

Re-imagined Flags is a series about expressing vision for a new community that believes in inclusivity. The idea of reinventing a traditional form and taking over a house as an architectural element is at play.

The sculpture explores Laura Marsh's history as an artist living and working in the U.S., Europe, and Asia. Marsh builds textiles, installations, and documents the work to produce more content. These projects come alive when the community is engaged, and Marsh documents her work in video and photography.

Nicki Chavoya, videographer, Mike Majlak, videographer, and Aaron McElroy, photographer, collaborated on the outcome of this video. Re-imagined Flags is a series of flag forms that represents the desire to dream diversely. The sculptural form incorporates the pride rainbow as well as fabric that's handed down, collected while traveling and teaching, and combined to produce flags that are more human.

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