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SPF '16

Book fairs support shared dialogues, community engagement, and collections by fellow artists. This weekend while protests ensued surrounding Trump's presidency, we sat at our self-constructed booth and stood up to greet artists and organizers to exchange ideas in F.A.T. Village, South Florida. Art commerce can be generated by artists, historians, writers, publishers, and other practitioners. We circulate ideas in this moment and invent new suggestions for a better future, one where we come together to share culture.

For those who exercised the right to protest this past week, remember that one must find a sense of sobering refection in a socially divided era. Coming together to brainstorm and share is reflective. Hillary was graceful this Tuesday, and we must also exhibit that same grace in accepting that social reform has to come from within. 

No Pop explores the relevance of daily practice and the ethics of accessibility for new audiences. We support DIY and stream-of-consciousness processes. Our curated zine for artists expands upon a humorous theme; our collaborative projects are investigations into the space of the page. 

"Each page is a space," Martha Wilson : Founder of Franklin Furnace


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